Perched on top of a hill- designed to command maximum views. This home design is ultra modern in appearance, commanding a street presence that will impress. The layout seamlessly integrates with the very steep building site to produce a home that is exciting and responsive to its location. An impressively contemporary home design that will stand the test of time.

Lower Ground Floor
A floor plan that utilises the natural sloping contours of the site. The lower ground floor accommodates a generous garage together with a dedicated home theatre.
Ground floor plan
Views, views and more views. That's what this floor plan was designed to do, and boy does it do it well! This level cantilevers outwards capturing the view whilst nestling into the side of the hill giving it a direct connection back to the ground for outdoor living.
Upper Floor Plan
This master suite is sensational in appeal. Dramatic outlook via the well positioned balcony. Internal spaces all designed to showcase the view making the master suite a delightful room of relaxation.
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