City Beach Custom Home Design

City Beach Architect Designed Beach House

A Perth beach house full of natural light. A house that takes advantage of the surf, sun and that beach.

A modern day beach house designed to enable a relaxed lifestyle near the beach, dunes and a marina. Casual chic with relaxed overtones- it's all about the chill factor. Lazy Sundays, romantic beach walks and sipping wine whilst watching the sunsets, the beach pad encourages you to slow down and relax. With an accommodation list that impresses considering it's small footprint of the site this home has an abundance of natural light with a material palette which is earthy and light.

Bedroom with a view
All rooms take advantage of various views making for tranquil delights. Views of the beach are to be enjoyed and appreciated and the design should make this a priority.
Dramatic spaces
A tight building block does not mean small windows. Cleaver layout enables an abundance of natural light, and the right kind of light being the northern aspect.
Free flowing spaces
The boundaries of internal spaces flow freely to create wonderful continuous vistas
A well appointed kitchen with immediate access to outdoor and internal spaces
Its about lifestyle
The layout of the home can often dictate the way someone lives; this space enables a relaxed and calm atmosphere.
Everything has it's place and the details are carefully designed and considered. This enables a space that is organised and complete.
Free-flowing kitchen design
The central hub of the home, this kitchen relates to all internal and external living spaces. Unique integrated kitchen designs are an important feature in every home.
Interior design
Material selections are chosen to compliment the internal spaces in order for there to be an overall cohesion
Stylised interiors
All interior spaces designed specifically for each house design.
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