Wave Holiday House

Modern Beach House

Luxury Trigg Beach House

Looking towards the natural surf as its inspiration this Beach Holiday House has gentle curves on the roof to create a soft and gracious response on site. The Curves roof plans glide over the roof to create a stunningly different home. It's also unique and interesting in its form that is inviting from both external and internal views. Picture this looking towards the ocean at Dunsborough or perhaps on an acreage block in the southwest.

Ground Floor Plan
A simple refined plan
- sometimes floor plans dont have to be complicated to make an impact
Arrival Elevation
Creating an arrival facade that welcomes people inwards to showcase the view beyond.
Elevation to capture the views
When creating a panarama of the view is important.
Side Elevations
Sexy simple curves create a strong form from the outset. The external curved lines are then reflected in the internal ceilings inturn creating wonderful soft spaces that make an impressive impact
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